Important GYPA Issues

San Luis 1


Commonly referred to as "San Luis I", this land based port of entry located on the west side of San Luis, AZ is the primary private vehicle and pedestrian crossing between San Luis Arizona and San Luis Sonora.


With time came increased populations, increased traffic and increased workforce flow between the adjoining countries. The currently CBP facilities are in need of a remodel to accommodate the escalating numbers of passenger vehicles and on foot pedestrian traffic. 

The image below, as provided by Ramirez Advisors highlights the general traffic flow as conceptualized as well as other pertinent data about the local port of entry. 


Port System 


GYPA along with The City of San Luis have organized technical meetings amongst the Federal Governments of USA via GSA and Mexico to formalize the final alignment of the San Luis I remodel.

The image below is the proposed alignment as to the new means of ingress and egress. A final alignment is pending, the final design will be posted once it is received. 
Proposed Port Alignment