Border Stats

By the Numbers


The U.S. Port of Entry in San Luis, Arizona is critical to the flow of both people and goods into the United States. 


In 2023, the U.S. Port of Entry in San Luis processed:

  • 2,290,808 northbound pedestrians
  • 3,282,795 northbound personal vehicles
  • 5,450,988 people within those vehicles

But it's not just people crossing at San Luis - our ports also play a vital role in importing goods into the United States as well. 

The value of total imports through the San Luis Port of Entry in March 2024 was $115,332,906.

  • Electric and Electronic Manufacturing Products: $11,717,397
  • Machinery and Equipment: $13,573,356
  • Agricultural Products: $67,497,676

To obtain additional crossing data for land-based ports of entry on the Southern border, including San Luis, please visit the following resource:

The University of Arizona's Eller College of Management  

For border wait times refer to Customs and Border Protection's website: CBP Border Wait Times

Please Note: CBP and other federal agencies that operate at international land-based ports of entry may conduct training simulations that may cause time delays for both North and South bound traffic, which can range from limiting the number of open lanes open to temporary closures during normal operating hours. CBP and other agencies that operate at the ports of entry provide national security for the United States and are a place of employment for many individuals. In order for these officers and staff to be well-trained in the event of an emergency, training simulations are performed, without notice. Please take this possible time delay into consideration when traveling through any international port of entry.  

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