Magrino Industrial Park

U.S. Port Of Entry at San Luis II


The Gary J. Magrino Industrial Park was designed as a space for trade facilitation that occurs through the U.S. Port Of Entry at San Luis II.  


Location is key when it comes to logistical routes and overall efficiency, which was a deciding factor in developing an Industrial area near the San Luis II Commercial Port of Entry when the idea and the need came to light in the late 1990s.

Upon exiting the Commercial Port of Entry, drivers drive north on Avenue E and can either head east via SR-195 to reach the Araby Road Crossing, allowing immediate access to Interstate 8, or drivers can head west via Juan Sanchez Boulevard to the town of San Luis and access to Highway 95 and Somerton. Both routes have access to the City of Yuma and are within the vicinity of commercial fueling locations such as Loves, Cocopah Korner and RC Fueling.

The Greater Yuma Port Authority no longer has any parcels for sale. However, some sites may be available for sale or lease through private ownership.